Crossed exponentially tapered slot antenna

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Maximizing Gain of a Compact UWB Tapered Slot Antenna

A dual-band Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) based slot antenna is presented, it's excited by microstrip line and size is 4 × 9.034 × 0.381 mm 3.The Computer Simulation Technology(CST) studio suite software is used to design and simulate the proposed design. Design of Microstrip Transition to Substrate Integrated ... Abstract. Substrate integrated waveguide is a good candidate for implementing millimeter wave applications. This paper presents microstrip transition to substrate integrated waveguide fed slot antenna for 60 GHz applications, which is developed by Rogers RT/Duroid 5880 with a dielectric constant of 2.2, substrate height of 0.381 mm and metallization thickness is 0.025 mm. Stripline Fed Tapered Slot Antenna - Strip line fed tapered slot antenna has gained the importance because of its ability to produce large impedance bandwidth. A tapered slot antenna uses a flared slot line etched on a dielectric substrate to produce an end-fire pattern from a surface wave. In this paper the development of a strip line fed tapered slot Slot Antenna | Article about Slot Antenna by The Free Dictionary

Vivaldi Antenna for Wall Imaging Through Microwave - IJIREEICE

The Vivaldi antenna is a special tapered slot antenna with planar structure which is easily to be integrated with transmitting elements and receiving elements to form a compact structure. OSA | Asia Communications and Photonics Conference 2014 The Topic facet will reveal the high-level topics associated with the articles returned in the search results. OSA | Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Pacific Rim 2017

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Easy-to-use matching circuit optimization and antenna analysis software Optenni Lab is a professional software tool with innovative analysis features to increase the productivity of engineers requiring matching circuits. It can, e.g., speed up the antenna design process and provide antennas with optimal total performance. Crossed Exponentially Tapered Slot Antenna for UWB Applications The present paper proposes and evaluates the feasibility of a new antenna for UWB applications, based on a printed planar antenna configuration, which can conform to UWB specifications being further very compact (0.33lambda × 0.33lambda), low profile, with very pure stable linear polarization and low pulse distortion.

suitable for high rate communications in small distances. In this paper, a double exponentially tapered slot antenna (DETSA) on LCP organic material suitable for packaging and integration with other components is introduced and proposed for the UWB range with gain above 7 dBi and return loss below -10 dB for the whole frequency range.

The primary structure shall be mated to a tapered cylindrical propulsion module consisting of the main engine, ADCS thrusters, and propellant tank assemblies.